An Ice-Cream Parlour In Mumbai Serves you whey protein Ice-Cream l GIANI LOWER PAREL l THE DAPPERMINT

Kuch Nahi Sundae at Gaini

It’s True: An Ice-Cream Parlour In Mumbai Serves you whey protein Ice-Cream.

You can witness and taste one of the unique ice-cream in India, the newly opened ice-cream parlor chain, Giani in Lower Parel serves ice-cream that contains whey protein in it and is 100% vegetarian.

The quality of the ice-cream is enhanced by the mixer of the rich ingredients that would give you absolutely a mouth-watering taste. High-quality milk, cream, chocolate, fruits and other natural ingredients to ensure high nutritional value and low-fat content.

So here it goes we tried a scoop of Whey Protein ice cream, Black Chocolate, Choco Killer, Kuch Nahi Sundae.

whey protein ice cream at Gaini
whey protein ice cream at Giani

Whey protein ice-cream is what makes this ice-cream parlor a unique. As it contains 8.5% protein per quantity. The high quality of skimmed milk is what gives this ice-cream a creamy texture.

black chocolate ice-cream at Giani

Next is black chocolate which is actually the darkest chocolate they have on their menu. But as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover! This is one of the best chocolate ice cream that we have ever tasted. The dark and thick texture of the ice-cream is something which would satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

Choco Killer at Gaini
Choco Killer at Giani

Next, we had choco killer!! Which is made up of 3 Chocolate flavored scoops,  Oreo cookie, KitKat and more of such goodness. The ice-cream is beautified with chocolate sauce and gems. Served in a waffle cup to give you the perfect flavor.

Kuch Nahi Sundae at Gaini
Kuch Nahi Sundae at Giani

And last we had KUCH NAHI SUNDAE!! No that’s the actual name of the ice cream. This big bowl of ice-cream not only contains one flavor but several different flavors of ice-cream scoops. So the bowl is first decorated with some fresh fruits. Then comes 5 different flavors of ice-cream scoops. Again the ice-cream is topped with some fruits and to enhance its taste chocolate sauce, some beautiful red cherries, some more flavored sauces like strawberry and chocolate and then it’s garnished with some nuts. The incredible mixer of these ingredients burst out in your mouth giving a marvelous taste and the cold ice-cream sets your mood on fire.

Check out our video for more information!!

So we truly recommend you to visit this amazing ice cream parlor near …. with your loved ones and enlighten your mood with some mouthwatering and soothing flavors. Please let us know what is your personal favorite ice-cream from Gaini in the comment section below. Also, share the post if you find it helpful.

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