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Kabsah is one of the famous and most loved recipes of the Gulf region. Unlike the regular Indian main biryani kabsah rice is made in different and variety of types and have won the hearts of the people over the years and have become their first preference, but not many restaurants can offer you this delicious Arabic cuisine!! well, we bet that after reading this blog you can have the best kabsah at your doorstep without any hassle.

As we all know Internet allows us to find out the most astonishing and delicious food at our fingertips. Ordering food online means less hassle and less wastage of time. The takeaway counter delivery food at your doorstep much like you have ordered on your table but finding a restaurant which delivery online food is also a headache!! Well, we’ve got your back and found a takeaway counter which delivers online food to your doorstep.

So we present you Deewaan-E-Khaas a takeaway counter which serves you one of the best Mughlai food at your doorstep with minimum efforts and maximum taste. Situated in lower parel this place offers you one of the best Kabsah in town.

We have been to their kitchen where all the magic happens. First of all the chefs were amazing not only with their cooking skills but also with their friendly nature.
Now let’s hop on the menu so we ordered chicken chatpata, Murg Arabic Tandoori, Murg Tandoori Kabsah, and in desert Shahi Tukda.

Okay now, let’s talk about the food. First of all the packing was perfect and the food was still hot and well presented. In short, the presentation was perfect for all you Instagram lovers.

Chicken chatpata: well-tendered chicken with perfectly blended spices to give you that perfect chatpata flavour is perfect to kick start your meal

Next, we had Murg Arabic Tandoori. Where you get 2 pieces of chicken marinated in thick milk cream mixed with cashew nut paste cheese and spices roasted in Tandoor. Murg Arabic Tandoori was our personal favourite.

Now the star of the show and the hot trending food which is also a competitor to biryani is Murg Tandoori Kabsah.
The chicken tandoori was not only roasted well but also well blended with the gravy, which gives you the perfect Mughlai flavour layered with high-quality basmati rice cooked with perfection which gives you that satisfying feeling which can convert to a Kabsah lover.

Last but not the least Shahi Tukda. Ps: Keep your calories meter away if you are planning to have this. In this you get two slices of bread deep fried in ghee soaked in Kesar flavoured milk. Topped with Rabdi garnished with dry fruits which are perfect to end your meal.

Check out our video for more details

Well overall the food was delicious and the quantity was well worth every single penny. We rate Dewaan-E-Khaas a perfect 5 star for its delicious mouth-watering menu.  Please let us know what is your personal favorite food from DEEWAAN-E-KHAAS in the comment section below. Also, share the post if you find it helpful.

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