5 best food you must try in mahim khau galli

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Well, you must be wondering what!! but yes it’s true, every year for 10 days Mahim’s Khau Galli in Mumbai upgrade to Mahim Mela (fair) in memories of 14th century Hazrat Pir Makhdoom Faqih Ali Mahimi Rahmatullah Alaih, the famed saint of Mahim.

Okay without wasting more time let’s just dive into the street of Mahim’s Khau Galli for the 5 best food you can try during these 10 days. Though the street is regularly active throughout the year, it just gets more updated during these 10 days. Quick tip – leave your calorie meter at home!!

1.    Shawarma


Let’s start with the famous K.G.N. Shawarma which offers Lebanese wrap of Roti, Pita Bread or Khubz, stuffed with a generous filling of well-grilled meat, and served with mayonnaise and sometimes fries is one to die for.


2.    Baida Roti & Chicken Bhuna


If you are at Mahim’s Khau Galli then you should head to Garib Nawaz Stall which not only serves the delicious Baida Roti but is also famous for its Bhuna Chicken.

3.    Seekh Kabab

Seekh Kabab at Mahim Khao Gali


Soft and succulent, mutton kabab’s you ought to have on this street. You can have this with Pav or crisp served paratha’s with laccha onion, mint & spicy chutney and lemon is a must. There’s no preferred stall for Kabab’s, you can have it on any stall and you get the same mouth-watering taste of Kabab’s.


Best of Mahim Street Food Video

4.    Halwa Paratha


PEHLWAN KA PARATHA. Yes, you’ve heard it right!!! The participator of Pehlwani is referred as Pehlwan while teachers are known as Ustad, and yes this Pehlwan who has started this paratha is the ustad of this dish. The bright orange sooji halwa will attract your attention once you enter the Mahim’s Khau Galli. The halwa paratha is served with a combination of two dishes – elaichi-flavored sooji halwa inside a crisp paratha.

5.    Baba Falooda


This post is incomplete just like your trip to Mahim’s Khau Galli will be incomplete without a glass full of delicious Falooda by Baba Falooda. A much sought after dish on this street. This decade’s old Baba Falooda is Mumbai’s famous stop for Falooda. A heavenly combination of vermicelli, flavored milk, brain freezing Kulfi and a topping of dry fruits from Baba Falooda.

Well, these are our best 5 must-try food from Mahim’s Khau Galli. Please let us know what is your personal favorite food from Mahim’s Khau Galli in the comment section below. Also, share the post if you find it helpful.

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