The Dappermint

THE DAPPERMINT !!!! you all must be wondering what it is? Who they are? So basically its a blog started by a group of friends which features MENSWEAR, LIFESTYLE AND TRAVEL.

Shahzaman Khan from the dappermint in a printed shirt

We are Visualiser by profession, cooks by passion, travellers by heart. We believe in travelling close to the grounds, living like locals, finding rarely visited secrets, experimenting with trendy and boring wardrobes, learning a little of the local cuisine and travelling slow capturing memories and nature’s artistry in our lenses.

Often called “SERIAL EATERS”, armed with the forks and spoons, eyeing every corner where there’s something delicious cooking. Yes, we’re the ones who know what the ROCK IS COOKING! Hypnotised by the mesmerising beauty of nature and man-made creations, we wander along where our lenses take us, capturing memories with an aim to make it into many wishlists.

If you can differentiate between “survival” and “living” you would not want to know why. Fair enough! Well, we consider ourselves lucky of acknowledging it within time. With an intent to get others out of their couches and energise them to roll the tracks where there’s no WIFI, eat what’s worth every penny, and to wear the confidence glued and crafted to the trendy drapes, outfit & attire. We have embarked our steps on a journey where “Live and inspire others to Live” is our very soul motive.

Our mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.

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